January 2005 Blog Posts

Applications that SUCK!!!!!

In this world of third-party insanity, I'm constantly amazed how much companies spend for third-party applications that are written like crap and have ZERO security.  Lately, I've been plagued by a series of third-part applications using the sa username and password.  When you ask them WHY, they get angry and explain that's how the applications were designed.  When I politely explain to them that they are idiots, they don't seem to comprehend WHY.  So, I'll say it again.....YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!!!   Magic Helpdesk Software (http://www.remedy.com/solutions/magic/) Websense (http://www.websense.com/) Focusing on the...

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SQL Server Datetimes

I feel like posting today.  :)  We get asked about datetime formats a lot on the forums.  Here is a simple little script to tell you what formats SQL Server supports using the CONVERT function.  SET NOCOUNT ON CREATE TABLE #results( conversion INT, result VARCHAR(55), code VARCHAR(255))  DECLARE @min INT, @max INT, @date DATETIME SELECT @min = 1, @max = 131, @date = GETDATE() WHILE @min <= @maxBEGIN  IF @min BETWEEN 15 AND 19   OR @min  = 26   OR @min BETWEEN 27 AND 99  OR @min BETWEEN 115 AND 119  OR @min BETWEEN 122 AND 125  OR @min BETWEEN 127 AND 129  BEGIN   GOTO NEXT_LOOP  END  INSERT #results(  conversion,  result,  code)   SELECT    @min,    CONVERT(VARCHAR,@date,@min),    'SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR,GETDATE(),' + CAST(@min AS VARCHAR(5)) + ')' NEXT_LOOP: SELECT @min = @min...

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