Tuesday, April 19, 2005 #

SQL Server 2005 Free Training

Microsoft has set up virtual labs for people to train on their new technologies, including SQL Server 2005.  You can find them here.


The labs I have taken so far are really good for an introduction to SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio technology.  These are Windows 2003 virtual servers with the latest CTP of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio, etc installed.  In addition to following the manual, you can play around a little during each session.  It lets you experiment with 2005 without actually installing it on your machines, which can be a real treat if you don't have VMWare, Virtual PC, etc. 

If you haven't started reading up and learning 2005 yet, you need to get started.  People who are content with their current knowledge will find themselves very unprepared for the future.  It's coming, so get the reading glasses out, stop procrastinating, and get to studying.  If you don't, the Junior DBAs out there are going to take your jobs you old lazy farts.  :)



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