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SQL Server 2005 Install Notes

I've now installed SQL Server 2005 about 18 trillion times since the first beta came out.  :)  Seriously, since I have been trying to take all the free webcasts, training, etc that's out there and ramping up my skillset on the new technology, I have completed around 25 installs of the product.  I am currently installing three more instances of the June CTP on various laptops and computers at home.  So.......I thought I would start recording notes on the installs here.

This will probably end up like all my other blogs (rarely updated and very seldom read).  lol  But, in the interest of the great and almight blogosphere, let's begin.

  1. I had a brilliant idea of setting up one of my virtual server instances as a DC, so I wouldn't have to use multiple computers to have my domain environment.  I also installed SQL Server 2005 on there.  This was brilllllliant.  It didn't work though.  lol  There is no NT Service\Network Service blah, blah account on a DC, so Integration Services wouldn't install.  I learned that the second time this little scenario failed.  The first time it failed because I tried to install with the domain\administrator account.  It didn't have permissions to one of the local .msi files and things kept failing along the way.  I would try this scenario out again to see if I can replicate, but I'm not that bored.
  2. The MSDN site has now very nicely placed the April CTP inside the Visual Studio 2005 section of downloads.  There's a really good reason for this.  The .NET Framework used by the June CTP and the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 are DIFFERENT.  I, of course, had to learn this the hard way.  Just to prove the point, I tried it twice.  It failed twice.  BRILLIANT!!!
  3. Do yourself a favor.  If you insist on installing both VS 2005 AND SQL Server 2005, install SQL Server 2005 first.  It works MUCH, MUCH smoother.  Be sure to use VS 2005 Beta 2 and the April CTP.  Together, they work a charm.
  4. Use Virtual Server, VMWare, or whatever you want to use.  It's kewl.  It's awesome.  I love it.  I think it's the best thing since sliced bread with bananas, peanut butter, and bologna all mashed together and topped with mint ice cream.  Setup a Virtual Server instance with just Windows 2003 and all the stupid updates that take 1800 hours to install.  Copy the file.  Hide it.  Protect it.  You'll need it.  After you've done that, embarc on the great voyage of beta testing.  May Gates rest your merry little soul.
  5. Forgot a fun one (I woke up).  I installed the April CTP after VS 2005 Beta 2 once (I think this was the was like 3:30am again).  Under the stupid MS SQL Server 2005 menu I didn't see anything.  IF you INSIST on installing in this order, uninstall the stupid Express edition FIRST.  Otherwise, your tools are ummmmmmmm missing in action.  AWOL tools are a bad thing. 

I might add to this.  I might not.  It depends.  I'm doing this one at midnight.  It shows.  My 2803419840019841 installation (June CTP) is almost finished.  I can't wait.  My journey to conquer the world has began. 


Yawn.  Yawn.  Yawn







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