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Making SQL Server 2005 Service Broker work between remote instances

If you need to setup two instances of Sql Server 2005 (I actually did it with Sql Server 2005 "Full" version and with the Express one) you can use the little sample you can find here:

be aware, anyway, to read my previous posts so that you can correct encryption errors due to April's CTP and also be aware the to able to make the two instances talk togheter you also need to grant the connect permission to the initiator instance.

Here is the code:

USE master
GRANT CONNECT ON ENDPOINT:your_endpoint_name TO your_user

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Sql Server 2005 Encryption Changes in April CTP

Some other things are changed in the April CTP concerning Encryption and Certificate creation. You can find documentation here:

More Encryption Syntax Changes in SQL Server 2005

Another Encryption Syntax Change: CREATE CERTIFICATE

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Sql Server 2005 CREATE CERTIFICATE syntax change

I'm working on Service Broker and i've found a not documented (or maybe i haven't found the documentation?) change in the CREATE CERTIFICATE command.

The help says that you should do something like that to create your certificate from a file:

FROM FILE = 'certificate.cer'
WITH PRIVATE_KEY (FILE = 'certificate.pvk', DECRIPTION BY PASSWORD  = 'password')

But this won't working, complaing about.
That's right, because the right syntax is the following one (changes with italic evidenced font):

FROM FILE = 'certificate.cer'
WITH PRIVATE KEY (FILE = 'certificate.pvk', DECRIPTION BY PASSWORD  = 'password')

That's it!
Happy Broking!

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Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Roadshow

Another event in June is scheduled to bring Sql Server 2005 power everywhere :-)

As you can see from this link the Roadshow will touch some Europeans cities and two dates are scheduled to be here in Italy. The dates are 21 and 22 June for Rome and 29 and 30 June for Milan.

I'll speak at the Rome event, and i really advice you my readers that you should really come: the event is made of 3 tracks (Administrators, Developers, BI) so that everyone can find information for his interests. Here you can find all the info you need.

Other information are present here.

See you there!

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XML Task

Last sunday I got stuck when I tried to use the XML Task of System Integration Services Control Flow toolbox.

I was using the April's CTP and the problem was.....the *documentation* :-D. If you want to do an XPATH query within your XML Task you have to use the "Second Operand" properties to define your XPATH query, and *not* the XPathSource properties.

Of course this property is *not* accessible from the "edit" window but you have to look for it using the standard property panel in Visual Studio (aka BI Development Studio).

Hope this help you to save hours of work....

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Sql Server 2005 Technical Training in Italy, Milan

Tomorrow and for the rest of the next week i'll partecipate (along with my collegues at at the first Italian SQL Server 2005 Technical conference as a speaker.

I'll talk about some of the most interesting (and sometimes discuted! ;-) ) features of SQL Server 2005:

  • XML
  • Service Broker
  • Web Services
  • Reporting Services
  • System Integration Services

All details can be found here:

If you're going to partecipate, well, drop me a comment, will be a nice occasion to meet us phisically and not only virtually! :-D

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