April 2009 Blog Posts
Input Director – Software KVM Switch and even more!

When I’m at office or at home I’m used to use my desktop pc and  my laptop. The problem with this configuration is that I have two monitors, one per computer, and that’s fine, but two mouses and two keyboards. I’d like to have only one mouse and one keyboard while still being able to use the two different computers with their own monitors.

I’ve search a program or a hardware device that would allow me to that for a while, I finally I’ve found what I’m looking for: Input Director!

And it’s alse free!!!!!

One simple world: fabulous! Finally one mouse and one keyboard to manage all the computer I have! Give it a try, you’ll surely be satified!

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SQL Bits Demo & Slides available online

For all those who came at SQL Bits, and also for all those who didn’t manage to came, and would like to have slides and demos to play with my DTLoggedExec tool, everything can be found here:

Unfortunately due to some technical problems video registration of the session is not available.

I’ve also uploaded the slides to SlideShare so that anyone can easly access them:

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