July 2009 Blog Posts
SSIS Package Parameters

With the latest release of DTLoggedExec, I’ve also added a nice functionality to make package runtime configuration a little easier, introducing the concept of “Package Parameters”.

I’ve now updated the documentation adding details on how to use this new feature (is *really* easy, but is *really* useful) and, as usual, you can find it on DTLoggedExec wiki:

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DTLoggedExec mentioned in official SQL Server documentation!

In these days I discovered that DTLoggedExec  is now officially mentioned in the SQL Server Books Online documentation:

Implementing Logging in Packages

I’m really proud of that! It give me even more will and determination to make this tool more and more powerful and useful.

I have some more features I want to add. If you’re coming to PASS 2009, I’ll have a session on SSIS Logging, so you’ll be able to see it in action with your own eyes:

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