Using xs:datetime, xs:date and xs:time with Sql Server 2005 XML

While i'm was experimenting with Infopath and SQL Server 2005 ability to handle XML, i've found a not-expected behaviour (at least to me), that is better to explain a little bit so that no-one reading my blog will have the same problems. The subject is datime and its XML representation. If you save a document with Infopath that contains date and time data you should have an output that is like the following: <mtg:startDate xmlns:xsi="">2005-09-26</mtg:startDate><mtg:startTime xmlns:xsi="">10:00:00</mtg:startTime><mtg:endDate xmlns:xsi="">2005-09-26</mtg:endDate><mtg:endTime xmlns:xsi="">11:00:00</mtg:endTime>Which is perfectly correct and aderent to the XML Standard, but SQL Server 2005 won't let you use that document, compelling...

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XML Task

Last sunday I got stuck when I tried to use the XML Task of System Integration Services Control Flow toolbox. I was using the April's CTP and the problem was.....the *documentation* :-D. If you want to do an XPATH query within your XML Task you have to use the "Second Operand" properties to define your XPATH query, and *not* the XPathSource properties. Of course this property is *not* accessible from the "edit" window but you have to look for it using the standard property panel in Visual Studio (aka BI Development Studio). Hope this help you to save hours of work....

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