Service Broker
Sql Server Broker Management Studio

SQL Server 2005 Service Broker is a killer application...but you may get lost with all the configuration settings and objects you need to set up and manage so that you can use it effectively. For this reason this great guy has done a great tool, that allows you to do everything visually, using a sort of Service Broker dedicated management studio. This is a tool-to-have if you're going to use Service Broker!

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Service Broker Challenge

On his wonderful blog Rushi Desai has launched an interesting challenge: If you're into Service Broker this is a challange that you shouldn't miss. Happy Messaging! PS:Winner list's is here:

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Making SQL Server 2005 Service Broker work between remote instances

If you need to setup two instances of Sql Server 2005 (I actually did it with Sql Server 2005 "Full" version and with the Express one) you can use the little sample you can find here: be aware, anyway, to read my previous posts so that you can correct encryption errors due to April's CTP and also be aware the to able to make the two instances talk togheter you also need to grant the connect permission to the initiator instance. Here is the code: USE masterGRANT CONNECT ON ENDPOINT:your_endpoint_name TO your_user

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Sql Server 2005 Encryption Changes in April CTP

Some other things are changed in the April CTP concerning Encryption and Certificate creation. You can find documentation here: More Encryption Syntax Changes in SQL Server 2005 Another Encryption Syntax Change: CREATE CERTIFICATE

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Sql Server 2005 CREATE CERTIFICATE syntax change

I'm working on Service Broker and i've found a not documented (or maybe i haven't found the documentation?) change in the CREATE CERTIFICATE command. The help says that you should do something like that to create your certificate from a file: CREATE CERTIFICATE DialogCert1FROM FILE = 'certificate.cer'WITH PRIVATE_KEY (FILE = 'certificate.pvk', DECRIPTION BY PASSWORD  = 'password')ACTIVE FOR BEGIN_DIALOG = ON But this won't working, complaing about. That's right, because the right syntax is the following one (changes with italic evidenced font): CREATE CERTIFICATE DialogCert1FROM FILE = 'certificate.cer'WITH PRIVATE KEY (FILE = 'certificate.pvk', DECRIPTION BY PASSWORD  = 'password')ACTIVE FOR BEGIN_DIALOG = ON That's it!Happy Broking!

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