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DTLoggedExec mentioned in official SQL Server documentation!

In these days I discovered that DTLoggedExec  is now officially mentioned in the SQL Server Books Online documentation: Implementing Logging in Packages I’m really proud of that! It give me even more will and determination to make this tool more and more powerful and useful. I have some more features I want to add. If you’re coming to PASS 2009, I’ll have a session on SSIS Logging, so you’ll be able to see it in action with your own eyes:

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DTLoggedExec Here comes CSV Logging!

In these last days I've released the latest version of DTLoggedExec. Now it has reached version I planned the release to be done in May, but I added a l lot of stuff and then I realized that logging so much information without being able to automatically import it into SQL Server for further analsys has no clue. So I decided to hold on a little bit and also improve the DTLoggedExec db that I firstly released with version just as an example of what can be done with the Data Profiling featture, and that news has grown to be official...

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SQLBits, Manchester 28th 2009

On the next 28th of March will take place one of the biggest SQL Server conference in Europe, the SQLBits conference, now arrived at the fourth edition! It’s completely free and it’s held on saturday so that you don’t have any working execuses for not participating :-) SQLBits will be hosted by the Manchester Metropolitan University and with 28 Session will cover the whole SQL Server platform. You can take a look at the agenda here while registration is done through this link and if you plan to attend you’d better be fast...

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Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008 now available

Finally the “Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008” is now available to worldwide stores! ISBN: 0735625808 ISBN-13: 9780735625808 Format: Paperback, 624pp ...

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SQL Server Performance Workshop: Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft

If you’re using SQL Server as the database for on of the well-known enterprise applications like Siebel, JD Edwards or Peoplesoft you may be very interested in the workshops that Frank McBath, a well known expert in the integration between Microsoft and Oracle field (btw did you know that a Microsoft Oracle Center of Excellence exists?) with a strong knowledge of SQL Server. The workshop will focus on this topics: Top Reasons for SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Repro: Reproducing Problem Queries Outside of the Application and Tools to Fix Them ...

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DTLoggedExec Relased: profile your dataflow!

With the help of these last Holydays, I've been able to release the latest version of DTLoggedExec, the DTExec replacement tool I've been developing from 2006. Beside the usual deep logging of Control Flow, this new version brings a very important and powerful feature: the ability to log and thus profile the Dataflow. This means that is it possible to deeply monitor the performance of ETL through time, also verifying how every change we do impact on it. Here's some examples that I've used on a customer:   But where's the news...

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Next version of DTLoggedExec: Dataflow Profiling in sight!

It's been a long time since I've been able to work consistenly on my DTLoggedExec tool. Fortunately in these last days I've been able to spare some free time to continue the work, and now, within a few days in September 2008 I should be able realease a new version of it. This new version will contain a new (and imho very very important) feature: DTLoggedExec will be able to profile DataFlow executions, generating a CVS-like file where all the informations on how many rows have been processed by each dataflow component will be available. You can see...

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Using SQL Server PowerShell Snapin with other Powershell shells

SQL Server 2008 has a strong integration with PowerShell but actually it also provide a custom shell, SQLPS, which is somehow limited for me. Well actually is limited more in general speaking, since it is called "minishell". "SQLPS.exe is a Minishell (also called “custom shell”). It is a form of pre-packaging of Powershell functionality, and it is available to anyone who wants to do this (make-shell). It is regular Powershell, albeit with limitations that the Powershell team decided to impose on it – it is a ‘closed’ shell, which doesn’t allow adding other snapins. ...

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