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September 2007 Blog Posts

SQL2008 Clustering Changes

Last week I stopped by the SQL Lounge at the PASS summit in Denver.  I met a Microsoft employee named Max Verun, whose official title is Program Manager - Manageability and Servicing Platform.  Translated into ordinary geek-speak, he is in charge of Clustering and Cluster Installation.  This was a golden opportunity for me.  I spent the next hour or so listening to Max and talking with him about where SQL wants to go with clustering.  Since none of that conversation is under NDA, I thought I would share some of the highlights. Clustering will remain a High Availability failover technology.  While I...

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Hopefully, I won't need a CATCH Block.   In case that opening sentence didn't give you a hint, I am a bit of a tech geek.  Bill Graziano talked me into joining this merry band while at the PASS summit last week.  While I enjoy answering questions on newsgroups, this will give me a way to initiate conversations.  I looked around and decided SQLTeam would be a good place to stand and pontificate. And now for some real SQL content. Sort of.  Based on a lot of presentations by Microsoft on proposed features and bug fixes, I have to conclude that Connect really matters. ...

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