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July 2008 Blog Posts

DTC configuration for Windows 2008 SQL 2005 Clusters

Windows 2008 Clusters have a lot of new features that make clustering better. You don't have to wait for SQL 2008 to take advantage of some of them. One of the changes is in the DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator) options. With Windows 2000 and 2003 clusters, you got only one DTC instance per cluster. For a long time, we just added the DTC resource to the cluster group, anchored it to the Quorum disk and forgot about it. Starting with SQL 2005, some systems that used DTC heavily started to fail the Quorum disk and...

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Windows 2008 Clustering – New and Improved

I finally got a working Windows 2008 cluster for SQL 2005. I figure one new set of problems at a time is enough. I iwl go for SQL 2008 on a Windows 2008 cluster later. One thing I noticed right away; clustering no longer requires a domain account for the cluster service. Everything runs on Local Service on each node. Kudos to the Cluster development team on this simplification. One less domain account to track. The new terminology also takes some getting used to, but I can learn to call a "Resource Group" a "Service...

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