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December 2008 Blog Posts


Yes, I own a 30 GB Zune.  Yes, it crashed today.  Yes, I am unhappy. Having worked in the computer industry for many years now, I watched many companies deal with failed products.  Such is inevitable in an industry that gives the biggest rewards to the first implementation that is “good enough”.  More importantly, I have seen companies deal with failures in various ways.  Some handled things well and some no longer exist or have lost market dominance due to poor reactions to failures.  Here are a few observations that I am sure Microsoft will ignore, partly because you have to...

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Successful Failure

Microsoft has successfully migrated its SQL Server support forums to a platform guaranteed to eliminate an estimated 20-30% of all corporate users.  By including the word "social" in the URL, most corporate firewalls will block access automatically.  Congratulations go to Microsoft for moving people off of their lowest cost support platform. http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/sqlserver/ Ready, Fire, Aim.      

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Free Space Fundamentals

One of the easy ways to fail at database administration is to allow your databases to self-manage space.  Autogrow is a safety valve, not a pressure regulator.  Of course, to manage space you have to know exactly how much free space you have.  And since database objects are stored in filegroups, it would help to see free space by filegroups buth in MB and in percentages.  Well, here you go. For those not familiar with my administration style, all my servers have an Admin database to store stuff like this.  use Admin go ----- Create the following table or results come back empty --Create...

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