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July 2011 Blog Posts

Virtual Lab (part 1)

    No, not that kind of Virtual Lab.  I mean a virtualization based laboratory so you can experiment with test systems.  While there are many uses and configurations for a virtual lab, my primary configuration is a laptop based environment because I am often at client sites that do not allow outbound access to remote systems for security reasons so I need something I can take with me.  Therefore, this series will focus on building out that type of environment. The first requirement is a laptop with a LOT of CPU and Memory capacity. ...

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SQLSaturday #89 Atlanta 2011

The schedule is out and it is a hot one.  We have a super lineup of regional and national level speakers as well as some brand new local ones.  We have Adam Machanic (blog, twitter) coming down from Boston to share his expertise.  We even managed to coax Bob Ward (blog, twitter), Senior Escalation Engineer with Microsoft Product Support services, out of his lair near Dallas to come and be one of our Featured Speakers. He is giving the same session content he gave to packed rooms at the 2010 PASS Summit. Our Pre-cons couldn’t have better presenters. ...

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The first thing you will hate about SQL Denali…

OK, this is really the first thing “I” hate about SQL Denali, but I bet a fair number of you will hate this too. Once again, Microsoft has enforced the dictum that everyone must be either a Developer or an IT Pro. As Data Professionals, many of us have suffered as our employers can’t figure out where to hang us in the company Organization Chart, usually sticking us between Dev and Ops and letting the managers (and us) sort it out. This time, Microsoft has decided we are “Developers” and we shall get our help via the Web. Admittedly, Google...

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