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April 2008 Blog Posts

Error Handling Template

You can expect: This is a medium intensity post (you should not get a migraine, but I make no promises). I Expect (that you have the following experience): Error Logging experience UDF (User Defined Function) creation experience Creating a template Package that handles errors. (also how to create a template and make it available) SSIS can be the wild west.  Each developer doing things their own way.  Errors are often overlooked and then when one happens no one knows why or how to fix it.  Logging is often not sufficiently enabled.  This causes maintenance headaches...

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I'm not dead YET!!

I apologize for the long pause in posting.  I have been extremely busy with my Masters program.  I took my finals on Monday for this semester, so I finally have some free time!!  I've prepared a wrap-up to the Performance Framework series.  It describes some sample testing sets that should get you thinking about how to go about tweaking performance and picking the best method to use to accomplish a goal. -tired Madman Out-

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