November 2007 Blog Posts

Understanding SQL Server Security and What You Can Do

Here are a couple of good reads. I will add to the list as I find something interesting. Don't hesitate to add your own via comments. The links are ordered according to my impression, first link being the best read. 1. I don't read blogs or articles that often, my skills are basically from experience and troubleshooting, so believe me when I say that this link is a must read.  2. Ever wonder which ports you can and should not restrict? Wonder no more  3. How about that new service in 2005? De-mystifying SQLBrowser 4. How to make unwanted access to SQL...

Troubleshooting SQL Server Quirks

Recently, a friend of mine was doing load test on their environment and encountered an odd scenario. For some inexplicable reason, the application was really slow, cpu and memory were extremely high and SQL Server barely responding. There were no waiting tasks and the scheduler is free. PS informed them it's by design. And in this case, it makes sense. You'll understand why I said that after reading the article . By the way, don't make the same mistake of applying the hotfix, it did nothing to fix the problem. I've started monitoring our own servers' threshold and set a...

How Not To Outgrow Your DB Infra: A Simple Setup

Whether you're an experienced DBA or about to embark into the world of database administration, one of the focal points of your duties is to ensure that you will not outgrow your current DB system. We all know that but where to start? It's quite simple, all there is to it is a bit of preparation, baseline and monitoring until you get some statistics to work on. Part I: Disk Management DDL   USE [Database_Name] -- change to appropriate admin db GO CREATE TABLE DBO.DBCapacity( DBName varchar(60) ,DateStamp datetime DEFAULT getdate() ,SizeInGB decimal(18,2) ,CONSTRAINT PK_DBCapacity PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED(DBName ASC, DateStamp ASC) ) GO DML -- procedure to...

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