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How To Create A Sharepoint Like Calendar In

This article relates to a couple of articles that are on the site. The original article was "Cool Tricks With The Calendar". You can find this here: The other article you might find useful is the "Additional Tip For that Calendar Control In ASP. Read more →

Cool Tricks With The Calendar

UPDATE: Additional tips: More Tips Been A Long Time Hello world...sorry I haven't posted in quite some time, we've been real busy at home this Christmas season. Anyhow I thought I would share some tricks and tips with using the calendar control before you or your company spends some change to buy a control on the internet. Read more →

Forgetting the little things in life…

Remember the good old hello world program? Ahh the first program any teacher in any type of programming course would assign was good old Hello World. But as students / new developers we were excited! Read more →

Running a .net application on a server.

The question comes up all the time across hundreds of .net forums. Here it goes: "I just created a application that works perfectly fine on my local machine, however I need to run this one application on a server so other users can use it. Read more →

Pulling SAP Data From .NET

Pulling SAP Data From .NET Technologies SAP – What it is SAP is the biggest European software company specializing in CRM software.Its competitors include companies such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SalesForce, and a whole slew of other software vendors. Read more →