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SSNS Status Codes

Have you ever been troubleshooting a SQLNS instance and noticed the status code column in some of the views and underlying tables? For example, the NSSMTPNotifications view has a column named DeliveryStatusCode with a values that range from 0 to 6. But what does that mean? What does a value of 6 actually tell you?

Fortunately, the SSNS database contains tables with status code descriptions. Try running the following query in your application database. Note: you'll need to replace dbo with the appropriate schema name.

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSNotificationDeliveryStatusCodes

Figure 1 shows the results. You can see that a value of 6 in the Description column of the view indicates Delivery succeeded.

Here are some other status code lookup tables that you may find useful as you troubleshoot your SQLNS instance.

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSDistributorWorkItemStatusCodes

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSNotificationBatchesStatusCodes

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSNotificationDeliveryStatusCodes

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSQuantumStatusCodes

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSRuleFiringStatusCodes

SELECT * FROM dbo.NSVacuumProcReturnCodes


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