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Subversioned goodness

Finally got my head wrapped around this whole “source control” fad :) Oddly enough I found the command line usage of subversion easier than the two GUI tools you can use with it (tortoisesvn and rapidsvn) maybe that will change if I ever end programming with a team. Read more →

Developing an Ecommerce framework

I've been tasked with providing an ecommerce framework for a customer. Part of the deal was that I keep the source code to reuse, resell, whatever. I'd like to get something built akin to the application blocks put out by MS and release it under some form of BSD type license for anybody to use. Read more →

In case you were ever curious

Notes on some of architecture/development practices (database and otherwise) of some truly large scale applications. Interesting and quick read. http://weblogs.cs.cornell.edu/AllThingsDistributed/archives/000280.html Read more →

Sleep deprivation… it's a lifestyle.

Well, my daliance with corporate job independence is coming to a close. My boss had agreed to let me work only part time since I am developing my contracting/consulting biz. He is getting pressure to either have me available all the time or get somebody who is, so I was given a choice. Read more →