February 2012 Blog Posts

New release of "OLAP PivotTable Extensions"

06 February 2012

For those who are not familiar with this add-in, the OLAP PivotTable Extensions add features of interest to Excel 2007 or 2010 PivotTables pointing to an OLAP cube in Analysis Services. One of these features I like very much, is to know the MDX query code associated with the pivot used at that time in Excel:


You can find all the details here:


It was recently released a new version of the add-in (version 0.7.4), which does not introduce any new features, but fixes a significant bug:

Release 0.7.4 now properly handles languages but introduces no new features. International users who run a different Windows language than their Excel UI language may be receiving an error message when they double click a cell and perform drillthrough which reads: "XML for Analysis parser: The LocaleIdentifier property is not overwritable and cannot be assigned a new value". This error was caused by OLAP PivotTable Extensions in some situations, but release 0.7.4 fixes this problem.

Enjoy! Smile

How to import in BIDS more than one SSIS package in one shot!

02 February 2012

Have you ever wanted to add more than one Integration Services existing package (e.g. 20 packages) in a SSIS project? Well, you may suppose that an Open Dialog supports multiple files selection to import more than one file at a time ...

BIDS Open Dialog doesn’t allow this, you can just select a single file! Hence the loss of valuable time spent to import the packages one at a time.

Few days ago I learned a trick that solves the problem, thanks to this post by Matt Masson.

Just copy all the packages to import from Windows Explorer (Ctrl + C):

Then just right click on the SSIS Packages folder of the Integration Services project and make a simple Past (CTRL + V):

So “auto-magically” you’ll have all those packages imported in your Integration Services project!!

What can I say... this feature was well hidden! Smile