A new version of SQL Treeo released

09 November 2011

A new SQL Treeo update is available at Lot of bugs fixed so now it seems to be a stable add-on for SSMS. The full change log is available here: So, update your SSMS clients :)

Running your SSMS client as a domain user even if you’re not in a domain

29 August 2011

I wonder if it is possible to use the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) client on my machine with a specific domain user when my machine wasn’t in that domain. In fact, many developers use some SSMS add-ons installed on their machine (with appropriate licenses), which greatly simplify their daily work. For example, I’m a Red Gate SQL Prompt addicted , so it’d be convenient for me to work on customers’ SQL Server instances with this tool. After reading Davide Mauri’s post, a friend and collegue of mine, I created a batch file in order to specify a domain...

Custom Folders in SSMS Object Explorer? Yes, we can!

28 August 2011

When you have a huge objects’ number in SSMS Object Explorer, you often get lost in finding items. So it’d be useful to catalog those objects in folders, in order to follow an application’s logical layer subdivision, for example. There is a fantastic add-in for SSMS that helps us to do that: The developer of this add-in has written a related post in his blog: So another useful tool to add to our  SQL Server toolbox