Come to Seattle!

Come to Seattle!  This is currently my home town (okay, I'm not actually in Seattle, but close enough for the purposes of this message).  It's beautiful here in the Summer, and we have the PASS Community Summit in November!  Not to mention that we're the home of Starbucks, and while I don't own stock in the company (yet) I do my part to keep them in business.

This isn't really a tourist plug for the city, but rather encouraging you to come to the PASS Community Summit this November 11-14.  Last year was my first year in attendance, and it was fantastic!  Not only did I pick up several tips & tricks, but I got an advance presentation on Yukon and an early peek at some great tools in the vendor arena.  But most important, I actually got to meet The Amazing Graz in person, and several other folks from SQLTeam.  And this year, Graz is presenting!  So you really need to come.  There's no way I can really explain it to you, it's just something you have to experience.  But don't just spend all your time going to the training sessions.  Make some time to meet some folks and talk between and afterwards.  Part of the real value of an event like this is making some contacts that you can keep in touch with and call on their expertise.  And these days, who couldn't use a couple more contacts, huh?

I'd like to take a minute here to thank Graz for making this blog available, and to thank him again for the great work he has done with  SQLTeam has been an invaluable resource to me over the last couple of years, and I thank Graz and “the regulars” who make it the best SQL Server resource anywhere.  Thanks Graz!  And thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind freely here.

See you in Seattle!  And if you can find me, I'll buy you a latte.

posted @ Thursday, September 25, 2003 10:13 PM


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