November 2003 Blog Posts

Tech Jobs Returning from India

Following up on my comments on Brent's post about international outsourcing, Dell recently announced that they are pulling back some of the customer support that they had directed to India.  It turns out that some customers were not happy with the quality of the support they were getting. As I've said before, some things can be done overseas, but others need to be kept local.  These days it is often not because of a lack of skills issue, but rather due to language barriers, management complexity, or a variety of other reasons.

IRS: Friend or Foe?

Believe it or not, when you're self-employed, the IRS can be your friend...

Self-Employment 101

So you want to be your own boss. Tired of someone else telling you what you have to do? Ready to break-free and do it YOUR way? Good for you! Congratulations! It's an awesome experience! Let me give you a couple of beginner's tips...

Doing Business - The Series

I thought I'd start a series of posts on "doing business" as an adjunct to the SQL stuff...To get started, I thought I'd respond to a common lament: Clarke Scott asks Why Does the Corproate World Do What it Does?

PASS Summit 2003 - Opening Session Rave

Yesterday I ranted about Guy Brown's opening of the PASS conference. Today I'm raving about Gordon Mangione's presentation...

PASS Summit 2003 - Opening Session Rant

I had a great time at the 2003 PASS Community Summit in Seattle. It was a valuable use of my time. But what should have started with a bang, instead began with a fizzle...

PASS Summit 2003 - Funniest Moment: Security

During his keynote talk Wednesday morning, Gordon Mangione (VP SQL Server, Microsoft) said to his assistant who was about to demonstrate a new feature in Yukon, “If you login as SA, Blank Password, you're fired.” Everyone laughed and it became the joke of the day. But think about it for a moment...

SQL Server 64-way / 64-bit

To answer Scoble's question, the recent TPC-C benchmarks that MS is proclaiming were run on a 64-way, 64-bit machine with 1/2 TB of RAM.  I'm pretty sure I heard Gordon Magnione say this in his keynote at PASS.  I know for sure that he said one of their next steps is to take it up to a full Terrabyte of RAM. And then this morning I had breakfast with a guy from HP who, when I asked what he did started to tell me about the HP team at Microsoft performance tuning a 64-way 64-bit machine for the TPC benchmarks.  I double-verified...

PASS Summit 2003 - More Reporting Services

Some of the features that really stuck out for me were: variety of data sources, "burst" reports, support for hierarchical data, caching and history options, and multiple output formats. I'll briefly describe each of these...

PASS Summit 2003 - Day 4 - Mark's Big Mistake

I'm pretty upset with myself this morning. In just about 15 minutes, the general session for today will get started, and I'm not there. I made a bad choice a couple of months ago when I decided to register for only one day of the conference...

PASS Summit 2003 - Day 3 - Reporting Services

Went to two sessions on Reporting Services for SQL 2000 today. This looks like it will really be a great tool...There is no doubt that Microsoft is taking reporting services seriously...

PASS Summit 2003 - Day 3 - VB.NET gets some respect

I didn't make any official study of this, but I did notice that in the only two sessions where I heard a .NET language specifically mentioned, it was VB.NET...

PASS Summit - Day 3 - Keynote Scoop

Gordon Mangione just announced that last night they posted a new SQL Best Practices Analyzer available on the website.  I didn't see it when I just did a quick scan, but look for it. This is a “read-only” tool, so it won't change your server settings.  Has about 70 rules currently, plus you can define your own additional rules to scan and report.  This will run against SQL2000.  Go check it out!

PASS Summit 2003 - Day 2 - Reception and Chatter

Day 2:  Tuesday Just got home a little while ago from the Welcome Reception and post-func activities.  The Welcome Reception was okay.  It had some free food.  I made little roast beef sandwiches with the rolls they had there.  Probably could have made a serious meal out of it if I'd wanted to.  I saw some cookies and some melted brie, but didn't go there.  Found Graz and "the team" (Tim, Doug, David, Lance, Denise and Scott) pretty quickly.  The eight of us did a lot of socializing together last year and we pretty quickly picked up where left off.  I...

More Thoughts on .NET in Yukon

I previously blogged about my fears that making the .NET languages available in Yukon might lead to horrible stored procedures by people who don't understand the difference between set-based and iterative processing.  I am still worried about that, but I just read a blog entry by Greg Linwood that talks more about using the .NET languages in lieu of extended stored procedures and COM.  Okay, I can accept that and see value in it.  We get a lot of questions on SQLTeam about sending email from SQL Server without using SQLMail (usually because they don't have an Exchange Server.  There are...

PASS Summit 2003 - Oh, one more thing

The Seattle Sheraton has WiFi access in its lobby, which was cool.  I tried to connect here to post a quick blog from there with my Palm Tungsten C which has WiFi, but as I was logging into my blog I got a Fatal Error which required hitting the reset button on the back.  So, I decided not to try that again.  Regardless, the access may come in handy for some folks.

PASS Summit 2003: Day 1 - Still Tired from the Move

So, to kick off the conference in fine style, I had a late dinner with Lance Harra...

PASS Summit 2003 - Day 0 - Other Stuff

Oh, here's a couple of other things...  First, I'm not going to either of the "pre-conference" seminars (which cost extra).  So I don't expect to have anything for Days 1 and 2.  Although, both of them tomorrow are all about Yukon which is very tempting, but just isn't in the budget either time or money wise.  But there are hands-on labs for Yukon that I plan to get into this week, and of course I expect each morning's general session to be all about Yukon. Found out that next year the PASS Community Summit will be at the Gaylord Palms Resort in...

PASS Summit 2003 - Day 0 - Registration Freebies

Just got back from checking in for the PASS 2003 Community Summit conference. Here are some of the free goodies I received already.

Preparing for PASS

Never attended a PASS conference? Or at least not one here in Seattle? Here are a few tips for getting the most out of the event, based on my experience last year.

Yukon Hands-on Labs at PASS

Here's yet another good reason to come to the PASS Community Summit in Seattle... They will have Hands-on labs using Yukon, the next version of SQL Server.

Demo or Commercial?

I was reading this web site with my developer hat on, and thought that I'd actually see something being done in Yukon. You know, a demo of using the software to accomplish something. Silly me, this was not a demo as a developer thinks of it, but rather as the sub-text described it, this was an overview listing (selling) the new features to management.