Preparing for PASS

As I'm gearing up for the PASS Community Summit next week, here are a few thoughts to make the most of the event...

  • Last year they gave every attendee a SQL Server umbrella.  Not sure if that was supposed to be a joke on Seattle, but once you're inside the convention center, everything is indoors.  If you're staying at the Sheraton, you only have to walk outside the width of the hotel plus across the street.  Or if you've got big bucks and are staying at the Elliott Grand Hyatt, you don't even have to go outside.  This week the weather has been beautifully sunny during the day, but dropping to freezing temperatures at night.  My thermometer said it was about 25 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up this morning.
  • Come early and stay late.  Both for the week and each day.  Veteran conference-goers know there is a lot of good stuff that isn't on the official agenda.  Good networking opportunities before, after, and in-between all sessions.  The Opening General Sessions last year is where all the info about Yukon was released.  Of course there is a lot more Yukon available in other sessions this year, but you can bet the General Sessions will again be where the newest stuff will be covered.  As for the "stay late" part, last year I had the opportunity to have dinner with some of the SQL Server MVPs one night.  You'd be surprised what comes out while you're breaking bread with these folks.  Which brings me to...
  • Bring extra money.  Hey, I live in this area, and I'm all for you giving an extra boost to our economy. :)  There are several good restaurants in the area, including one of my favorites, the Cheesecake Factory right across the street.  And yes, for you latte junkies like me, there is a Starbucks inside the convention center.  Come, spend money, have a good time, and spend money.
  • Be sure to find time to check out the Exhibit Hall.  Last year I got a great preview of Lumigent's new product Entegra.  What a great tool that is.  I recommended it to several clients who needed a solid auditing application.  If I hadn't seen it at PASS, I'd have never known what it could really do.  Really, how convenient is it to sit there and grill the guy giving the demo?  "Can it do this?  What about that?  What if...?  How does it...?"
  • There is a wireless network inside the convention center for those of you who have to stay connected (or those of us who love to blog).  There is also an "Internet Pavilion" for those who don't go wireless.  But seriously, try to "unplug", ok?
  • Relax and have fun.  Make some new friends, absorb what you can, and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest!
See you there!

posted @ Tuesday, November 04, 2003 11:40 PM

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