More Thoughts on .NET in Yukon

I previously blogged about my fears that making the .NET languages available in Yukon might lead to horrible stored procedures by people who don't understand the difference between set-based and iterative processing.  I am still worried about that, but I just read a blog entry by Greg Linwood that talks more about using the .NET languages in lieu of extended stored procedures and COM.  Okay, I can accept that and see value in it.  We get a lot of questions on SQLTeam about sending email from SQL Server without using SQLMail (usually because they don't have an Exchange Server.  There are a few articles on SQLTeam about how to do that in SQL 7 or 2000.  But I could imagine it might be easier / better to do this with a .NET assembly instead of, for example, the sp_OA calls.  On the other hand, I read somewhere that SQLMail was changed in Yukon to allow sending SMTP mail without an Exchange Server, so maybe this whole example I cooked up is already obsolete.

Ah well... time will tell.  Can't say I personally have had any real need to do COM or XPs yet anyway, so it might all just be a moot point for me.

PASS Summit 2003 - Oh, one more thing

The Seattle Sheraton has WiFi access in its lobby, which was cool.  I tried to connect here to post a quick blog from there with my Palm Tungsten C which has WiFi, but as I was logging into my blog I got a Fatal Error which required hitting the reset button on the back.  So, I decided not to try that again.  Regardless, the access may come in handy for some folks.

PASS Summit 2003: Day 1 - Still Tired from the Move

So, to kick off the conference in fine style, I had a late dinner with Lance Harra...