January 2004 Blog Posts

To ALTER or to DROP/CREATE... That is the Question

Do you ALTER your sproc/view or do you DROP it and then CREATE it with the new definition?

Don't Irritate Your Prospective Client

I haven't even seen your product yet and you have made me angry with you. What were you thinking?!

MS Dev Days 2004

Microsoft Developer Days 2004 are coming!

Spammers are the Scum of the Earth

Spammers fall on the hierarchy of life forms well below used car salesmen and most contingency-fee personal injury lawyers...

OOPS! My Bad on the Rant

Okay, I have to come clean, and do it as publicly as I did with my mistake...

My Favorites Rant

Somebody's messin' with my Favorites, and I'm not happy about it!

My Take on the MCDBA

There are some topics that you know are always good for a heated debate: religion, politics, abortion, and the value of the MCDBA (Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator) certification...

Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You...

One of the hardest lessons for people to learn is that failure is NOT the opposite of success. Failure is a part of success.

Contracting Tips: Fixed Bid vs. T&M

There are essentially two types of billing for contract work: Fixed Bid or Time & Materials. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. And you'd better know up-front which one your client has in mind before you start talking about money...

UN-Paid Vacation / Holiday Time

Oh the JOY of the Holiday Season! Maybe...