My Favorites Rant


DAMMIT!!!  Somebody's messin' with my Favorites, and I'm not happy about it!  I've noticed this trend over the last couple of weeks.  I'll browse to a site, oftentimes just one page because it was a link off of somebody's blog, I'll read the page, maybe I enjoy it, but rarely am I so enthralled with the writing that I want to bookmark the whole site.  But some time later, when I do want to go to one of my favorite locations, I click on the Favorites menu in IE, and what do I find?  Somehow that site that I visited, had never been to before and probably will never go to again has been mysteriously added to my Favorites list.  I didn't put it there, and I'm the only one who uses this computer.  I don't know if this is some cute trick that the authors of the sites are doing, or if they're getting duped by the banner ads that are running and somehow adding them, but either way, KNOCK IT OFF!  If I like your site enough to bookmark it, consider it a compliment, but in the meantime LEAVE MY FAVORITES ALONE!


posted @ Wednesday, January 07, 2004 12:10 PM


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# re: My Favorites Rant

Left by Shannon J Hager at 1/7/2004 4:40 PM
I may be wrong, but the only way I know of that a web page can be added to your favorites requires user intervention. This can happen when a user doesn't read all the words on the dialog/page or if a user installs a program. Programs such as AIM, RealOne, iTunes, etc, will install shortcuts to your faves.

# OOPS! My Bad on the Rant

Left by Ajarn's SQL Corner at 1/9/2004 9:55 PM
Okay, I have to come clean, and do it as publicly as I did with my mistake...
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