MSDD: Securing a Login Form

At the lunch break, one of the people I was talking to said, “Instead of showing us how to hack an unsecure login page, why don't they just build a secure login page component we can use?”. Well guess what we saw during the closing session...

MSDD: No WiFi? No Big Deal.

My first thoughts were, "Was this a conscious decision, or merely an oversight? Why wouldn't Microsoft provide this?" And it bothered me a little bit... But now looking back on the day, I'm glad it wasn't there.

Return from Microsoft DevDays (MSDD) 2004

Got home a little while ago from the largest attended MS DevDays event in the United States...Overall, I'd say it was a great one-day event.

Tonight at the Blogger Meetup

Blogger Meetup on St. Patrick's Day