June 2004 Blog Posts

What Language do you THINK in?

You know you're truly fluent when you can think in a foreign language instead of thinking in your native language and translating.

How Many Test/QA Instances do you Need?

So this got me thinking about just how many different test or QA instances do you need or would you want in an ideal world. Here are some thoughts about different types of testing...

Scum of the Earth - Part 2

Is this ironic, or what?  On my ranting entitled Spammers are the Scum of the Earth (back in January) which talks about Comment Spam, I just had somebody post comment spam to it.  But thanks to the way Graz configured this site, all comments get emailed to me, so I was immediately aware of it and could delete it.  I just thought it was ironic that they would pick that post.  They probably did, too.