September 2004 Blog Posts

Pass 2004: Graziano on Profiler in SQL 2005

The two things that stood out to me in this presentation were the Deadlock Graph, and the Performance Monitor stats...

PASS 2004: D-Day. And the answer is...

Apparently the PASS Board and Bill Baker from Microsoft do not read my blog...

PASS 2004: D - 1

The conference begins with a light reception, and the appearance of the Most Valuable Yak.

PASS 2004: Swag

Just got back from breakfast with Graz, Chris, and Denise.  Went over to registration to pick up our stuff.  So far, we've got a large soft-side laptop case/briefcase.  It's thick enough to hold a laptop computer, 3-ring binder, and several other things.  There's also a ticket for a drawing for a digital camera from HP on Friday at the general session (must be present to win).  I believe they are also giving out SQL 2005 Beta 2 but I haven't seen it yet.  Probably at the Microsoft booth in the exhibit hall. The doorbell (yes, doorbell) on my room just rang...

PASS 2004: Plan for 2005

PASS 2005 to be in Texas...

PASS 2004: D-2

Arriving in Orlando for the 2004 PASS Community Summit. Nice hotel!

Dog Food vs. Prime Rib

When you're making a presentation to sell $1,000,000 worth of software and services, "dog food" is a bad choice of words...

Professional Groups and Continuing Education

What are you doing to keep your edge in this competitive world?

What's New in DTS 2005

As the speaker put it, the short answer to the question is: Everything.

How NOT to Select Records

Apparently in his version of SQL Server, WHERE clauses only work on Temp tables...