October 2004 Blog Posts

Testing Humble Pie

There's just nothing quite like taking a timed test that covers so many areas ... to really get you to question how just how good you think you are.

Native Web Services in SQL 2005

Just got back from the local SQL Server User's Group meeting tonight where the topic of discussion was Native Web Services in SQL 2005.  There were a few points that stood out, which I will share with you here.  But before doing that, a note to everyone who attended the PASS Community Summit in Orlando, or who by other means acquired the SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Resource Kit.  When this was handed out at PASS, it didn't sink in just what all was on here.  We were reminded tonight that, in addition to SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Beta...

Reading Software Licensing Agreements

Do you read software licensing agreements when you install software? Maybe you should...

PASS 2004: D+1 Veritas Keynote

When is a vendor presentation not just a sales pitch? When it actually provides information that is useful whether you buy their product or not...

PASS 2004: Other freebies

Free books and software just for attending and giving them an email address... Not bad!