This is an outrage!

Rob (a.k.a. dotRob),

Please explain to me why you have copied and posted my article on your site as if it were your own.

If you like the article, that is great, but you should instead post your own comment on your site encouraging others to read it and then provide a link to my site so they can read the original.  The way you have presented it here makes it look like you are trying to take credit for my writing.

Please remove my writing from your site and provide the link instead.

Thank you,

Mark Caldwell


I tried to send this to dotRob via his contact page so that we could address this in private and he could save face, assuming it was an innocent mistake and perhaps he didn't realize how rude this is, and that it really is an act of plagiarism.  However after taking the time to write this, I got an error message saying that the message could not be sent “probably due to an error with the email server”.  So, hopefully, since Rob found my article, perhaps he is reading the rest of my posts and will receive this message this way instead and make the appropriate amends.  It's a shame I had to go public like this, but Rob, you left me no choice.  I hope that copying other people's work is not a habit with you.

posted @ Friday, November 05, 2004 9:50 AM


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# re: This is an outrage!

Left by Adam Machanic at 11/5/2004 10:34 AM
He did the same thing to me, although he did include a link to my post at the bottom of the page.


Anyway, I keep getting HTTP 403.9 errors from that site anyway. So no one's going to see it :)

# re: This is an outrage!

Left by Rob Gibbens at 11/5/2004 10:52 AM
Wow, sorry guys. That is my personal site, and I just forward interesting posts for myself to read at home. I put a file to prevent spidering so that it wouldn't show up in search results. I never meant to take credit for anything, I just wanted to be able to read the good posts when I had time. I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again. Sorry about that.

# re: This is an outrage!

Left by AjarnMark at 11/5/2004 11:08 AM
Rob, Thanks for taking care of that. I'm glad to hear that it was a benign mistake. Best of luck to you in the future.

# Going Independent

Left by Jay at 11/5/2004 11:49 AM
For those interested in similar reading/ info here is a link to other good blogs.

# re: This is an outrage!

Left by Adam Machanic at 11/5/2004 1:26 PM
Nice link, Jay... almost too many blogs in my collection already, though :)
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