September 2005 Blog Posts

PASS 2005: D+2 General Session Part 2

Then, Jim Gray from Microsoft's Bay Area Research Center came in and talked about where things are going in the future, including the merging of objects and databases...

PASS 2005: D+2 General Session

Kicking off this morning is Wayne Snyder for PASS. He's crazy...

PASS 2005: D+1: HP Keynote

OK, HP, I appreciate that you guys are a major sponsor of the PASS Community Summit, and as such you deserve some general session time. But come on! Send us somebody who exudes at least interest, if not excitement about his subject matter...

PASS 2005: Ultimate Swag

I suppose a fancy sports car or a new house or a couple of Bill's Billions would be the ULTIMATE swag, but this year is better than the last and it just keeps getting better...

PASS 2005: D+1: Keynotes

The best part of the morning was when they demo'd the new Health Advisor reports...

PASS 2006: Start Planning

It has already been announced that next year's summit will be back in Seattle. Start making your plans now to come visit!

PASS 2005: D-1 Wrapup

A few other notes about the conference and facilities...

SQL Server 2005 Launch Events

SQL Server 2005 officially launches November 7, 2005 with a big launch event in San Francisco, California. But just because you can't get to San Francisco doesn't mean you have to miss out on everything.

PASS 2005: D-1: Swag & Fiasco

What an adventure already! I got checked-in to the conference and picked up the swag...However, all was not well in Muddville today...

PASS 2005: D-1: Travel & Check-in

Well, here we are again. And what a beautiful place to be! After flying the red-eye from Seattle, I just checked-in to the Gaylord Texan Resort for the 2005 PASS Community Summit.

Back Online

For those who noticed or cared, the CaldwellBlog is back online (new URL) after an extended summer hiatus.

PASS 2005: Getting Ready

The 2005 PASS Community Summit in Grapevine, Texas is just two weeks away! If you haven't started to prepare for it yet, NOW is the time!