PASS 2005: Getting Ready

The 2005 PASS Community Summit in Grapevine, Texas is just two weeks away!  If you haven't started to prepare for it yet, NOW is the time!  I assume (as dangerous as that is) that by now you have already completed your registration online and made your hotel reservations.  If not, stop reading and go do that now.  I'll wait here for you...

...OK, now what's next?  I like to preview the schedule of sessions to be presented.  Monday and Tuesday are day-long pre-conference seminars which are not included in the base registration price.  There are a lot of great seminars you can take advantage of.  Then, starting on Wednesday are the Keynotes and 75-90 minute sessions where you can get a lot of information each day.  Being on the Program Committee this year, I am a bit partial to our selection of speakers and subjects, and I believe you will find them to be well worth your time.  There are so many options, that I suggest you take some time to review the session descriptions now, before you get to town so you will be prepared.  You can even check off the ones that are of most interest to you now and print out your selections.

When you get to the conference, and each day you're there, be sure to double-check that the sessions are still planned for the days and times that you expected.  Sometimes, due to speaker illness or other scheduling conflicts, the sessions have to be moved around at the last minute.

With the launch of SQL Server 2005 scheduled for just 5 weeks after the Summit, this is sure to be the best one yet!

See you in Grapevine!

posted @ Tuesday, September 13, 2005 9:03 PM

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