PASS 2005: D-1: Travel & Check-in

Well, here we are again.  And what a beautiful place to be!  After flying the red-eye from Seattle, I just checked-in to the Gaylord Texan Resort for the 2005 PASS Community Summit.  It's Tuesday, or what I call D-1.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the official start of the conference and thus D-Day.  Yesterday and today are the Pre-Conference all-day seminars.  They're packed with information, and one of these days I'll spring for the additional training.  But for now, it's time to get settled in, play tourist, and get ready for tonight's festivities.

Most of the attendees will be arriving today.  As a member of the Program Committee, I have a couple of meetings early this evening, and then everyone comes together for the social and SIG Quiz Bowl event.  I'm looking forward to catching up with folks from last year and having a great week.

Stepping off the airplane this morning, I was greeted by a blast furnace also known as Texas weather.  It was hotter here at midnight last night than it was at the hottest point in Seattle yesterday.  And it's just going to get warmer.  Expected temperatures in the 90s all week.  Sitting by the pool today is sounding better and better.

When I arrived at the Gaylord, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is layed out just like the Gaylord Palms was, which is where we were last year.  My room overlooks the HUGE atrium, with double doors opening onto a nice deck.  I almost ended up in an “Executive King Suite” but Candace at the front desk noticed my surprise and confirmed I was ready for the $500+ per night rate.  I said No, that would be a shock, and she moved my reservation into a more normal room (around $169).  I would have thought I was getting the deal of the century until I went to check out on Saturday.  Thanks, Candace, for verifying!

It must be the computer geek in me, but one of my favorite features about the room is the in-room safe which is large enough to put my laptop computer in, AND it has an outlet in the safe, so I can charge the batteries while I'm out to eat.  And speaking of which, I haven't had breakfast yet, so it's time to go do that and then check in to the conference.  More details to come...

By the way, the PASS SIGs have setup a Summit blog collection where they are merging posts from a variety of independent bloggers so you can get a wealth of info about everything at the summit.  Enjoy! 

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