PASS 2005: D+1: Keynotes

Finally caught up with Tara at the Keynote this morning.  Now we're waiting for a session on Execution Plans to get under way.  But first wanted to relay some cool things from this morning's Keynote.  It was split half for HP, which I'll critique later, and half for Microsoft.  They did a couple of great demos, one on the SQL 2005 Upgrade Advisor which is a .NET app that you can download and run against your current SQL Server to determine any issues that have to be addressed before or after you upgrade in order to make the upgrade go smoothly.

But the best part they demo'd were the new Health Advisor reports that are an 11th hour addition to the shipping product.  Built-in to Management Studio, these reports will tell you things such as the history of configuration changes, and who made them, blocking events with the commands, open cursors with the command text, and about a dozen or more other things.  Of course it's a nice implementation of Reporting Services inside the SQL Server.  I think everyone was pleased to see these, and at least one person said that this feature just became her #1 reason for upgrading to 2005.

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Hey Mark,

It was nice meeting you yesterday. It feels good to get to know the person behind the blog, who's written tons of good material on career development and doing business as a consultant.


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