Management Thinking Reset

The funny thing is, that in all that time, nobody challenged me to reset my thinking like my boss did that day...

SQLPrompt - Intellisense in Query Analyzer - Initial Review

I just downloaded and installed the free tool SQLPrompt, now from Red-Gate Software, and I'm really liking it.  It provides Intellisense or statement-completion features in SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, and other development tools.  For example, it not only pops up a list of fields after you type a table name followed by period, but it will also lookup relationships and give you options for your JOIN ON statement (and of course a whole lot more).  So, even if you are working in a small database where you already know all the fields and relationships, it will save you time typing.

It also provides snippet shortcuts, for example one that it comes with already setup is that you can type in ssf and hit TAB and it replaces it with the syntax SELECT * FROM.  You can build your own snippets.  Oh sure, I know that SQL Management Studio already has that ability, but if you still do any work in SQL 7 or 2000 in QA, it's a nice addition.

For now, until September 1, 2006, this tool is free.  If I understand the scenario, Red-Gate bought this tool and plans to enhance it, so I would expect there to be a charge for it after September 1, or perhaps they will just roll it into one of their bundles.  So, if you're interested, get it now!