February 2007 Blog Posts

Defining Experience

I'm sure I've written this before, but while I'm on the topic of interviewing, it bears repeating... Do NOT confuse 1 year of experience repeated 5 times with 5 years of experience. In the one, you have just been doing the same thing over and over, hopefully getting better at it, but not really growing.  In the other, you are learning new things and growing, hopefully refining what you knew before based on what you are learning now, but at the very least, expanding the total area of what you know. When a job ad says something like "5+ years experience" it is the...

Honesty in the Interview

In my previous post about interview flubs, Jon dinged me in the comments for posting something that is too obvious.  As he put it, "who DOESN'T know these?".  Well, Jon, apparently a lot of people don't.  I have been amazed at the things I have seen in my short stint as the lead interviewer for developers.  (I alluded to this earlier, and last month it was finally made official that I am now the Software Engineering Manager.)  One of the things that I have seen which I find really shocking is how much people misrepresent their skills.  Oh sure, not...

Escape From Cubicle Nation

For those of you who are already independent contractors, or thinking about taking the plunge and being your own boss, some good ideas and good humor awaits you at the Escape From Cubicle Nation blog.