August 2009 Blog Posts

Clean Up After Yourself

I have been editing some ASP.NET pages lately and finding a LOT of code that is either all commented out, or worse, someone created a way to permanently hide it from the user (such as ASP Panel that is never made visible) yet left all the code active.  Another trick: commenting out all the lines inside of a routine, but leaving the declaration intact to prevent code from crashing.  If you are intending to retire the routine, then kill it completely, don't just cripple it.  (I know that to some of you, the thought of completely killing a routine is...

Are you a PC or a Mainframe?

There are two types of people in the world: Those that divide groups of people into two types, and those that don't... Lately, I've been thinking about two types of developers (or coders).  Or more specifically, two types of developer attitudes:  The PC and the Mainframe.  For the purposes of this article, I'm using PC in its generic form for personal computer, lumping both MAC and Windows into the same bucket.  You can even throw in some Linux for good measure. So what do I mean by PC and mainframe attitudes?  Well, if you're old like me, you...