March 2011 Blog Posts

SQL Source Control with Vault Support Officially Released

HOORAY!  It is officially here!  Today, Red-Gate officially released SQL Source Control version 2.1 with support for Vault. While we have been happily and successfully running the beta version (a.k.a. the Early Access release) of Red-Gate SQL Source Control with support for Vault for quite a while, it is good to have the official RTM (or GOLD, or PROD, or whatever you call your “no-longer-in-beta”) release of the product. As a courtesy to those who have not already read the series, allow me to provide you with these links to my previous posts about this fantastic...

ASP.NET Multi-Select Radio Buttons

“HERESY!” you say, “Radio buttons are for single-select items!  If you want multi-select, use checkboxes!”  Well, I would agree, and that is why I consider this a significant bug that ASP.NET developers need to be aware of.  Here’s the situation. If you use ASP:RadioButton controls on your WebForm, then you know that in order to get them to behave properly, that is, to define a group in which only one of them can be selected by the user, you use the Group attribute and set the same value on each one.  For example: ...