SQL Source Control Contest

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have written several posts about how important I think it is to protect your source code, to version it, and in particular, all the aspects I like about Red Gate’s SQL Source Control product.  But for a moment, let’s take a break from my writing and I want to hear your stories.  What nightmare situation are you in, or can you imagine, where source control for your database would save the world.  Or maybe your life is not so dramatic, but you do see a challenge that, if you just had a good tool like SQL Source Control, it would go much smoother.  What’s your pain?  You have read my writings, now tell me your story, and be in the running for a free copy of SQL Source Control from Red Gate.

Yes, that’s right.  Although I am just a fan of Red Gate, they have authorized me to give out a handful of licenses to blog readers who are willing to share their story by posting a comment to this blog entry.  Simply add your comment below (be sure to include a valid email address in the box that asks for that) to be entered.  The contest starts immediately and over the next few days, the best stories will win.