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How to Get New Business

A common question of those who are self-employed, and a common concern for those thinking about becoming self-employed is, “How do you find new business?” Here's how: You go out and look (and ask) for it. Read more →

Don't Irritate Your Prospective Client

SET RANT ON Oh boy, here we go again... This is ridiculous! A friend passed me a link to check out a tool called EZSQL. So I clicked on the link, and much to my surprise, my browser window was automatically resized from about 2/3 my screen size to fill up the ENTIRE screen. Read more →

MS Dev Days 2004

Microsoft Developer Days 2004 are coming! OK, this isn't SQL, it appears to really be more focused on .Net, but according to the latest SQLTeam poll, 73% of us are not primarily T-SQL or DBA folks, so you might be interested. Read more →

Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You…

Eric Sink from SourceGear has a good article on MSDN about Making More Mistakes. This is an important concept for someone who wants to “go independent” and work for himself (or herself, don't get hung up on the syntax). Read more →

Contracting Tips: Fixed Bid vs. T&M

There are essentially two types of billing for contract work: Fixed Bid or Time & Materials. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. And you'd better know up-front which one your client has in mind before you start talking about money. Read more →

UN-Paid Vacation / Holiday Time

Oh the JOY of the Holiday Season! Maybe. We are just winding down the big holiday season in the U.S. which seems to start about noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November), and wraps up the Monday after New Year's Day. Read more →

IRS: Friend or Foe?

Believe it or not, when you're self-employed, the IRS can be your friend (well, sort of). For those outside the United States, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is the federal-level tax authority in the USA. Read more →

Self-Employment 101

So you want to be your own boss. Tired of someone else telling you what you have to do? Ready to break-free and do it YOUR way? Good for you!  Congratulations! Read more →

Doing Business - The Series

As Graz said in his presentation at the 2003 PASS Summit, "I'm a consultant. Therefore I have an opinion on that." I have a lot of opinions on how business should be done. Read more →