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2006 - A Year In Review

Life Changes Part 1 2006 was a great year, and a very busy year, both personally and professionaly. Over the last several years, I have been reassessing my priorities and how I spend my time, and this was amplified with the changes in my life in 2006. Read more →

Testing Humble Pie

OUCH! My head hurts! A little while ago I finished taking a Brainbench test on SQL Server 2000 Programming and my brain still aches. I haven't been in test-taking mode for many years and it was quite an experience. Read more →

My Other Blog

Out of respect to Graz who gave me the opportunity to blog here on the subject of SQL Server, and puts up with my ramblings on business; and in order to keep this SQLTeam blog more pure, I have setup my own personal blog where I am free to rant and rave on any subject (like politics). Read more →

What Language do you THINK in?

A question on SQLTeam a few weeks ago got me thinking about the idea of what language you THINK in. Do you remember the movie Firefox? (Okay, that came out in 1982, before some of you were even born, but at the time I was a Clint Eastwood fan and into military aircraft, so back off! Read more →

OOPS! My Bad on the Rant

SET EMBARASSMENT ON Okay, I have to come clean, and do it as publicly as I did with my mistake. A couple of days ago in my My Favorite Rant posting, I accused some web sites of manipulating my system to add their site to my Favorites list in Internet Explorer. Read more →

My Favorites Rant

SET RANT ON DAMMIT!!! Somebody's messin' with my Favorites, and I'm not happy about it! I've noticed this trend over the last couple of weeks. I'll browse to a site, oftentimes just one page because it was a link off of somebody's blog, I'll read the page, maybe I enjoy it, but rarely am I so enthralled with the writing that I want to bookmark the whole site. Read more →

My Take on the MCDBA

There are some topics that you know are always good for a heated debate: religion, politics, abortion, and the value of the MCDBA (Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator) certification. I don't think I'll open the floodgates on the first three subjects here on my SQLTeam weblog, but the last one is a suitable subject. Read more →

Tech Jobs Returning from India

Following up on my comments on Brent's post about international outsourcing, Dell recently announced that they are pulling back some of the customer support that they had directed to India. It turns out that some customers were not happy with the quality of the support they were getting. Read more →

More Thoughts on .NET in Yukon

I previously blogged about my fears that making the .NET languages available in Yukon might lead to horrible stored procedures by people who don't understand the difference between set-based and iterative processing. Read more →