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PASS 2008: D-1

Spent the day today in the PASS Volunteer Training session. It covered a variety of things from the History of PASS (started in 1999 in Chicago) to updates from each member of the Board of Directors about what is happening in their areas. Read more →

Last Minute Presentation Tips

By now (we hope) you have fine-tuned your slides and demos, and are feeling very comfortable and confident in the material you are going to present at PASS this week. There are a lot of things that go into preparing for a live presentation, and there are a lot of bad examples out there. Read more →

It's Time for PASS

Well, here we are on the eve of another PASS Community Summit in Seattle. Last year it was in Denver, then two years ago it was here in Seattle. I'm looking forward to another great event! Read more →

PASS 2006 Hotels

The last time that the PASS Community Summit was in Seattle, it was held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle, and it will be again this year. Read more →

PASS 2005: In-Flight Movie

Lately, most of my flying has been between Seattle and San Francisco, which apparently is not long enough for an in-flight movie. On my way down to PASS in Texas this year, I took the red-eye so I was mostly interested in sleeping on the flight. Read more →

PASS 2005: Presentation Downloads

Remember that if you are a member of PASS (and if you registered for the Summit, you automatically became or extended your membership) you can download the speaker presentations. Login to the PASS web site, and then go to Conference Proceedings. Read more →

PASS 2005: D+2 General Session

Kicking off this morning is Wayne Snyder for PASS. He's crazy, which is just what we need to get the morning started. Wayne is definitely a sanguine personality, loves to have fun and not afraid to be goofy. Read more →

PASS 2005: D+1: HP Keynote

OK, HP, I appreciate that you guys are a major sponsor of the PASS Community Summit, and as such you deserve some general session time. But come on! Send us somebody who exudes at least interest, if not excitement about his subject matter. Read more →

PASS 2005: D+1: Keynotes

Finally caught up with Tara at the Keynote this morning. Now we're waiting for a session on Execution Plans to get under way. But first wanted to relay some cool things from this morning's Keynote. Read more →