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Collecting stats on hosted Subtext blog with Google analytics

Since this blog is hosted i don't have access to it's source code. That means that i can't play with the source, can't add counters,

can't have anykind of statistics etc... All i can do is post a formatted post or article and have galleries.

Subtext colleccts statistics by showing you numbers for aggregated views and web views and it also has a refferals page that you can see who clicked you.


And I really wanted to have some statistics. I've looked into Google analytics when it came out and I still think it's awsome.

So i wondered how to put it in my blog. Since there was no way to add javascript (you can add custom CSS's ) I let the thought go.


Until 2 days ago when I was doing some blog "management" and I saw the Static News / Announcement Edit box.

That's the box you put you "hello. i'm ... yadda yadda yadda" stuff. I already had <font> and <br> tags in there but it accured to me that maybe i could put google's javascript for tracking in there.


So I did.


And I'm Happy.

And that's good.

As the old saying goes: What is good isn't bad :))


Now i can see from where you are, where you linked me from and everything else... have i mentioned i'm happy??

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# re: Collecting stats on hosted Subtext blog with Google analytics

Hi Spirit,

Welldone for solving the little puzzle.

Nice blog.

All the best my friend.
11/20/2006 6:27 PM | Antonio

# re: Collecting stats on hosted Subtext blog with Google analytics


why don't you have a blog?
then you can be as happy as me
It's all flowers and butterflies :))

OK i got a bit carried away... ;)
11/20/2006 6:30 PM | Mladen

# Google Analytics with SubText

Google Analytics with SubText
4/9/2007 3:49 PM | Explosive Insight
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