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Why is MVP Summit under NDA?

We had an interesting discussion here about Katmai (the next SQL Server version)

Of course it was discussed in the latest MVP summit, but noone can say anything because it's all under NDA.


So i'm wondering why.... WHY is it under NDA? Is there some very special reason for that?


Nigel responded to my question with this:

I think it's more to do with managing expectations.
A lot of things talked about are under development and may be dropped from the product if they look like they might impact the release date.
They want an opinion on the usability of proposed functionality from a closed community before a public announcement and how the public might react.
Think the main reason though is so that they can talk freely without being worried about saying something that may be incorrect - bit like the difference between talking to your team and talking to the board or investors.
Or it could all just be a public relations exercise.


Somehow i don't think MS has anything to worry about here...


What do you think?


P.S. yes i'm jealous :)

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# re: Why is MVP Summit under NDA?

The main reason is so the product team can be completely open about some planned intentions and we, MVPs, can give them honest feedback how we think our customers would react. If this information was in the public domain, then their competitors would have plenty of time to react. Not only could some features be dropped from a future version, but if you were planning some great new feature and say, the next version of SQL Server is 3 years out (or in my case, Office SharePoint Server), well competitors have a 3 year heads up on what geat innovative things would be in the next version, severely damaging MSFT's competitive advantage.
3/28/2007 6:50 PM | AC [MVP MOSS]

# re: Why is MVP Summit under NDA?

I could tell you, but I am under NDA :-P
3/29/2007 11:10 AM | Miha Markic

# re: Why is MVP Summit under NDA?

bastard :)
3/29/2007 11:28 AM | Mladen
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