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Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: T-SQL PROGRAMMING

This book is a sequel to T-SQL Querying. And it stands completly side by side it.

I can only recommend that you get it. The amount of new stuff to learn is amazing.

So lets see what each chapter covers:


Chapter 1: DataType Related problems, XML and CLR UDTs

     Talks about DateTime problems, patterns matching , conversions, large objects, CLR and of course XML which is the biggest part of the chapter.

Chapter 2: Temporary tables and Table variables

     A great explanation of how, why and what in the world of Temp.

Chapter 3: Cursors

     Shows that although dreaded by many, they have their rightfull place. Small but usefull place :)

Chapter 4: Dynamic SQL

     Another dreaded part of SQL Server. And also very handy at times. I like the part about SQL Injection.

Chapter 5: Views

     Well... pretty much everything you need to know about views.

Chapter 6: User-Defined functions

     I did NOT know that you can update, insert or delete to a table valued function. With as side dish of SCHEAMBINDING of course.

Chapter 7: Stored Procedures

     Loved by many, underused by many. Learn them. Use them. Love them.

     SQL server 2005 has a per statement recompile, while SQL Server 2000 has a per procedure recompile.

Chapter 8: Triggers

     Quick, brief and simple to understand.

Chapter 9: Transactions

     Now it gets interesting. With 2 new isolation levels there's a whole bunch of stuff to learn here.

Chapter 10: Exception Handling.

    Completly rewritten in SQL Server 2005 it offers a LOT of new functionallty compared to previous versions.

    IMO the most important chapter in the book. You can never have enough of that :)

Chapter 11: Service broker

   This is probably the least used component of SQL Server today. Unrightfully so, because it's async processing abilities can

   open up new worlds in sql server and reliable communication.


Each chapter also covers the analogous CLR functionality. CLR Triggers, sprocs, datatypes, etc...


The book follows the T-SQL Querying with the same ammount of new info and also as a great reference.

If you have T-SQL Querying... get this one too.


Amazon link here




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# re: Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: T-SQL PROGRAMMING

Cool...must get one...
5/26/2007 10:40 PM | Bojan Vrhovnik

# re: Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: T-SQL PROGRAMMING

Ive got both books if anyone is interested let me know. I really was not fond of either book.
5/27/2007 3:34 AM | Jon

# re: Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: T-SQL PROGRAMMING

I am very much interested to learn SQL Server 2005

# re: Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: T-SQL PROGRAMMING

good for you!
10/12/2007 12:01 PM | Mladen

# re: Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: T-SQL PROGRAMMING

Hi All,

I want this book badly. I am in India, Can anyone help. If I go through direct channel it costing me alot which I cant afford.

Thank You,
3/31/2008 9:18 AM | Mithalesh Gupta
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