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Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

Yes, me too. :)

I was tagged with this by Denis who has liven (is that even a word?) up to his nick "The SQL Meance". Bad Dennins, bad!

As lame as this thing might be and it does reminds us of the dreaded chain letters (anyone remeber getting those by normal mail. you know the one where people acctually deliver it... by vans even...can you believe it???), it's quite a nice excercise when you think about it. It kind of clears your path career wise.

So I have to find a few things, huh? Here goes:


1. Spending more time looking at art works.

    Why? Because paintings, besides being nice to watch (most of them), have a lot of patterns that you can see in them. It jogs your imagination.

    It gives you a more abstract (kick-starts the right side of the brain) why of thinking. And that is good for software development.

    Plus art is a lot more interesting to talk about with women that how you've built a super-duper highly transactional, kick ass, loosly coupled,

    awe inspiring something (you've lost them after lously coupled, trust me :))


2. I'm going to start playing with Lego's again.

    As juvenile as it may sound, a part of me being an engineer is Lego toys and wonderous things you can do with them. Anoter part is Star Trek :)

    Also somehow building stuff with Legos remindes me immensly of classes and interfaces and object oriented stuff in general. build a block on

    top of another block, expose it's functionality to another block via a widget, etc... it's pretty much Object oriented design and

    Service Oriented Architecture combined. Let me tell you when i was 10 i was one mean Lego builder. None of todays specialzed toys crap.

    You had basic blocks and you could build the most amazing space station or an underwater hideout or a speed racer or ... you NEEDED imagination!!

    I had a Lego pneumatic system combined with electrical one doing all kinds of stuff. You should've seen my automatic crossbow. That thing rocked!!


3. I'll start learning Ruby On Rails

    I think it's a bit hyped up but i've read some nice things about it.. so let's give it a chance.


4. Play chess a bit more

    I'm quite an active player, but not as much as i'd like to be. Why chess?

    It gives you a way of thinking and planning ahead about all possible moves. At least 3 moves ahead is great.

    Trust me, this comes in handy when designing systems of any kind.


5. Read Freakonomics!

    I've heard about this book too much to ignore it, which i've successfully been doing so far. Shame on me!


6. Keep blogging, writing articles and answering questions in the forums

    People seem to like reading what I write, so i'll keep doing that


I'll try to not read any tech books for a while because i've read a few in the last 3 months. Look under Reviews category in my posts.

I've never stop reading normal books so that will continue. Any tips on that front?


And no, i'm not going to tag anyone.

Die chain letter, Die! Bad Denis, BAD!!  :))))


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# re: Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

Have you taken a look at fractals and mandelbrot sets


some nice stuff

7/18/2007 6:13 PM | Denis the SQL Menace

# re: Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

yeah those are some pretty funky ones :)
and they're great for mathematical patterns. human generated ones now those are somehting :)
7/18/2007 6:15 PM | Mladen

# re: Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

Good points, thanks. Regarding #4, consider learning Go instead. I find it more in tune with the way developers tend to think. The rules are simple. A bit more binary perhaps. And it hasn't been beaten yet with brute force AI unlike Chess. Anyway, here's the wikipedia reference:


and an addictive place to learn:


- Lee
7/19/2007 2:33 PM | Lee Richardson

# re: Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

I totally get the Lego thing, but it is awfully hard to instantiate a class of a blue Lego Block when there are no more left.


7/19/2007 3:19 PM | Brent Pinkston

# re: Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

since when is your blog part of wikipeedia reference?
how did you manage to convince them? :))
I've looked into Go but there aren't that many players in Slovenia that i know of.

Well i've never had that problem. you have to constraint yourself with tha available parameters. see? another good thing :)))
and if you really ran out of blue blocks there was always "MOM!!! i need more blue blocks!" thing :))
7/19/2007 3:50 PM | Mladen
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