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Weekend Fun: Bruce Schneier Facts

We all heard about the Chuck Norris Facts, right?

Well if you're a fan of security you have to be familiar with Bruce Schneier and his excellent blog.

What I didn't know is that he also has a collection of facts!

Just how cool is that???


Here are some I found funny:

- For Bruce Schneier, SHA-1 is merely a compression algorithm.

- Bruce Schneier once compressed a single bit of information to half its size.

- Bruce Schneier doesn't need backups because his hard drive knows that failure is not an option.

- Bruce Schneier shaves with Occam's razor.

- Bruce Schneier knows the last digit of pi. He won't say it because it's considered a matter of national security.

- Setting SSID of an open Wi-Fi network to "bruceschneier" makes it completely secure.

- Santa Clause doesn't know if Bruce Schneier has been good or bad

- When Bruce Schneier observes a quantum particle, it remains in the same state until he has finished observing it.

- When you email Bruce Schneier, you don't need to press "send".

- Deep Blue couldn't beat Kasparov until Schneier pwned it.


Read others here.


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# re: Weekend Fun: Bruce Schneier Facts

'NP' means 'No Problem' if you are Bruce Schneier.
2/17/2008 11:10 PM | Peso

# re: Weekend Fun: Bruce Schneier Facts

Bruce Schneier already has a backup plan for when the 2nd person discovers that P = NP.

SHA = "Schneier has access" SHA2 = "Schneier has access - and a spare too"
AES stands for "Ain't Encryption to Schneier."

Bruce Schneier doesn't use a public key ring. He uses public key brass knuckles.

When Curtis Cooper and Steven Boone discovered the 44th Mersenne prime, Bruce Schneier had to change the combination on his luggage.

Geologists recently discovered that "earthquakes" are nothing more than Bruce Schneier and Chuck Norris communicating via a roundhouse kick-based cryptosystem.
2/17/2008 11:47 PM | Peso
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