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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SSMS Tools Pack 3.0 is out. Full SSMS 2014 support and improved features.

With version 3.0 the SSMS 2014 is fully supported.
Since this is a new major version you'll eventually need a new license. Please check the EULA to see when.

As a thank you for your patience with this release, everyone that bought
the SSMS Tools Pack after April 1st, the release date of SQL Server 2014, will receive a free upgrade
You won't have to do anything for this to take effect.

First thing you'll notice is that the UI has been completely changed.
It's more in line with SSMS and looks less web-like.
Also the core has been updated and rewritten in some places to be better suited for future features.

Major improvements for this release are:

Window Connection Coloring
Something a lot of people have asked me over the last 2 years is if there's a way
to color the tab of the window itself. I'm very glad to say that now it is.
In SSMS 2012 and higher the actual query window tab is also colored at the top border
with the same color as the already existing strip making it much easier to see to which
server your query window is connected to even when a window is not focused.
To make it even better, you can not also specify the desired color based on the database name
and not just the server name. This makes is useful for production environments where you
need to be careful in which database you run your queries in.

Format SQL
The format SQL core was rewritten so it'll be easier to improve it in future versions.
New improvement is the ability to terminate SQL statements with semicolons.
This is available only in SSMS 2012 and up.

Execution Plan Analyzer
A big request was to implement the Problems and Solutions tooltip as a window
that you can copy the text from. This is now available. You can move the window around
and copy text from it. It's a small improvement but better stuff will come.

SQL History
Current Window History has been improved with faster search and now also shows
the color of the server/database it was ran against. This is very helpful if you change
your connection in the same query window making it clear which server/database you ran query on.
The option to Force Save the history has been added. This is a menu item that flushes
the execution and tab content history save buffers to disk.

SQL Snippets
Added an option to generate snippet from selected SQL text on right click menu.

Run script on multiple databases
Configurable database groups that you can save and reuse were added.
You can create groups of preselected databases to choose from for each server.
This makes repetitive tasks much easier

New small team licensing option
A lot of requests came in for 1 computer, Unlimited VMs option so now it's here.
Hope it serves you well.

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