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Remove all Extended Properties in a database

During my tests to port several databases to SQL Azure, one of the recurring things that fails export is the Extended Properties. So I just wanted to remove them. This is a simple wayh to list all Extended Properties and the corresponding delete statement. SELECT 'EXEC sp_dropextendedproperty @name = ' + QUOTENAME(, '''') + ', @level0type = ''schema'', @level0name = ''dbo''' + ', @level1type...

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The one feature that would make me invest in SSIS 2012

This week I was invited my Microsoft to give two presentations in Slovenia. My presentations went well and I had good energy and the audience was interacting with me. When I had some time over from networking and partying, I attended a few other presentations. At least the ones who where held in English. One of these was "SQL Server Integration Services 2012 - All the News, and More", given by Davide Mauri, a fellow co-worker from SolidQ. We started to talk and soon came into the details of the new things in SSIS 2012. All of the official things Davide talked...

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